Meet with Moni is one of that meetings that could change your life…if you want to! She’s an amazingly lovely person, with a lot of real,genuine good vibes that she can transmits to you, make you feeling very comfortable with her from the first moment! And what to say about her yoga classes? It’s something that you have to experience to understand it… it’s not the classical,commercial yoga that you can shop everywhere around, with her teachings she will guide you in a mix of a meditational-yoga, being fully aware of your body and your mind, with all the incredible benefits of the mix of the 2 disciplines…an experience that will make you feel like new!!Plus, she knows many different techniques of meditation, truly an eclectic teacher….don’t miss this opportunity and take advantage of her! 😉 Even with all the thanks I could say to you for what you showed me, it would still be not enough…so I only want to say thank you, for being the special person who you are!!